SCREENPLAY OPTIONS: THE DO’S & DON’TS | Screenwriting Staffing | Kathy Muraviov

The Backstory

(Intro by Screenwriting Staffing’s Founder, Jacob N. Stuart.) I have been approached by many screenwriters as of late seeking advice/guidance on their screenplays being “optioned”. Hopefully this is a result of our Script Search Board!

‘Options’ can be a very exciting process (and milestone) for writers, especially newer ones. But they can also be very disappointing, and even more so, destructive, if not approached correctly.

In terms of feature-length screenplays, I’ve had MORE scripts optioned than produced. This is quite common for most writers.

One script, specifically, has been optioned twice (by two different producers), and now I have a third producer wanting to option it right as I speak.

But here’s the rub…. by sitting on two different option agreements (the same script) that failed both times, I have now wasted a year and a half on my script (and career). For privacy reasons I’m not going to…

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