WOMEN IN FILM; An INTERVIEW with Farnaz Samiinia | Screenwriting Staffing

The Backstory

(Note from Screenwriting Staffing‘s Founder Jacob N. Stuart)

Women, arguably, have been overlooked in film since the dawn of cinema – especially screenwriting. But this is all starting to change. Just recently, Meryl Streep revealed The Writer’s Lab at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. It’s core initiative: to fund and promote female writing talent. Out of 3,500 submissions, which is an astonishing number, only 12 female screenwriters were chosen. Streep is notorious for attaching herself to films written and/or directed by women. Note: this program is specifically designed for women OVER 40.

Women are making some great strides in cinema – especially in the screenwriting arena. And industry pro’s are now starting to reach out to female creative talent. Just in the past few weeks, we’ve had 3 SCREENWRITING LEADS that were ONLY looking for female writers (all were PAID):

  1. NYC-based Production Company (established in the 80’s)…

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